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Open Calls

Please read the following carefully:


Submission does not guarantee selection and Entry fees are non refundable.


  • You can submit up to three works for consideration. Please do not enter more than three.

  • Please ensure images submitted are good quality (usually 300dpi is best)

  • Please submit your image files in the format : YOUNAME_TITLEOFWORK.JPG

  • Do NOT submit work that is transphobic, racist, pornographic, pedophilic, anti-lgbtqia, ageist or could be deemed offensive or as a hate crime against a minority culture and or group.

  • Do not submit works that contain harmful substances that could endanger our staff and volunteers.

  • Please ensure works do not exceed 1.5m on any side.

  • If artwork is for sale; we take 20% commission on a sale so please amend your prices prior to entering

  • If entering video works please put a link to a webpage for us to watch the video in the description section.

If selected:

  • Please ensure you drop off the collect work in the timeframe given.

  • It is the responsibility of the artist to arrange delivery and collection of work. Any cost incurred through delivery must be paid by the artist.

  • If selected, please ensure all works come with hanging fixtures or clear instructions on how to display.

  • Artwork will be installed by our team of technicians; artists do not need to be present

  • If selected, when the exhibition ends you have up to 30 days to collect your work, any uncollected work after this time will be disposed of.

  • We have limited equipment for video works; Where possible we ask artists to provide their own equipment.

  • We have a small selection of plinths for sculptural works but you may need to provide your own if you have a specific requirement or exceed our sizing.


  • Our 'Early Career ' and above Patreon get free entry to our paid Open calls. For £12.50 you get to enter up to 3 works and gain a wealth of extra content. You must be a patron for a minimum of one month. Subscription can be cancelled at any time.

  • Being a patron does not guarantee selection.


Entry Fees

  • All monies raised from entry fees goes into the prize pot and towards marketing the main exhibition.

  • Entry fee payments must be paid within 3 days of the deadline for your application to be put to the panel. Failure to do so will mean your application will be automatically rejected.

  • Entry fees can be paid either via paypal, in cash at the main desk or direct bank transfer.

  • Entry fees are non refundable UNLESS you spend a minimum of 4 hours volunteering with us. See details below.


  • If you would like to volunteer for the gallery to help invigilate the exhibition then you will get your entry fee refunded. This will be paid 48 hours after successfully completing your shift.

  •  Volunteers also have access to unlimited hot drinks and a hot meal for free at our café  (including vegan options)

  •  Entry fee will only be refunded upon successful completion of 5 hours work of volunteering.

  •  Volunteering opportunity only open to UK Artists, ideally within the North West or easy travelling distance

AIR Open 2023



Due to the high volume of submissions all artists should now be informed by the 8th July.


Judging Panel 

  • Ian Hay (Saul Hay Gallery)

  • Alex Zawadzki (The Second Act/Uncultured Creatives)

  • Gaynor Seville (Whitaker Gallery)

  • Rebecca Wild (AIR Gallery)

  • Vincent James (Previous AIR award winner) 

Important dates

  • 3 April - Patreon launch

  • ​10 April - Public Launch

  • 25 June - Deadline at midnight GMT

  • 26-31 June - Judging

  • 8 July - All artists notified

  • 12-5 August - Artwork delivery

  • 14-17th August- Install

  • 17 August - Opening Night 6-9pm

  • 18 August- 30 September - Exhibition Continues

  • 30 September - Closing party/award afternoon 3-5pm.

  • 3-4 Oct - Deinstall

  • 10 October - 10 November - Artwork collection


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