We have one open call at this time. Please read the criteria of carefully before entering .

Please be aware that submission does not guarantee selection.

Open Call: Fibres

Seeking artistic responses to the theme of Fibres.

Textile making traditions spans global cultures as one of the earliest human technologies. It has been a staple in industry, fashion, craft and decorative arts throughout the ages but it particularly made a resurgence in the 1960s back into the contemporary art world. Since then Fibre and textile arts have been developing new forms and language -becoming more conceptual and cross-disciplinary, even into this digital age.

We're are seeking works that explore (but are not limited to) the following areas:

  • Textiles (Fibre art, Ecology, Upcycling, Craft, Natural vs Synthetic materials, Traditional vs contemporary methods of making, Materiality, Cross-disciplinary art)

  • Technology (Fibre optics, making and machinery of modern textiles, video/film, animation, VR, 3D printing, digital responses to textiles and fibres)


We are particularly interested in works that cross over between the two but this is not essential. Works can explore their own themes but there must have a link to the idea of textiles, materiality or fibres in some form.

This will accumulate in a group exhibition that will explore the the relationship between textiles and technology; between the ecology and the digital that will take place in March 2023.

£5 per piece to enter. Deadline to apply: 4th Feb 2023

Timeline of important dates

Deadline                                     4th February

Artists contacted                       11th Feb

Delivery of work:                       15th Feb-4th March

Install                                          8-15th March

Open Night                                 16th March 6pm-10pm

Exhibition Runs                         17th March- 2nd April

De-Install                                     4-6th April



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