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a porous Construction
By Carli Adby-Notley

4 February- 4 March 2023


Wed-Fri 11-5

Sat 12-5



Underpinned by feminist narratives, this project explores themes of identity, memory, agency, and the inherent expression of female as body.

Originating from an autobiographical position, these concepts are interrogated through the mother/ daughter relationship and remembered childhood gestures 

Forming a sense of self; our personal; experience shapes our expressions and the performance of our present choices, forcing us to consider the cyclical language within these recalled motions and  the perceives obligations of our surroundings.

How do these mannerisms, these historical interpretations or political notions of the naked body, of the female form and the role of women; truly separate us as an individual? Where does one begin and the other end?

The included sound-scape provides a background of morning walks, recorded journal entries and long conversations echoing sentiments of my own mothers story.

Accompanying this, a sensory paper; handmade from our shared bodily remnants. Collected over a six month period, our hair, our skin are infused with a mothers early perfume, coming together to memorialise these concepts of self.

Through the uncomfortable line of familiarity and unspoken distance  between mother and daughter, this project hopes to antagonise the concept of our own beginning, of co-existing synonymity and nuance; finally asking, can we every truly take claim of our own identity?

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