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5th July- 29th July 2017


​MAKE/SHIFT is an exhibition showcasing the relationship between everyday objects and contemporary art, blurring the line between utility and aesthetic. Through the process of alteration and reassembly, the everyday object is transformed from something banal and elevated to the status of art.


The exhibition brings together 8 emerging artists from across the U.K who each share similarities in their creative process and modus operandi. In a throw-away society, these artists salvage the unwanted and discarded, reconstructing them into carefully arranged works of art that surpass their previous function. Taking unpretentious materials such as bricks, string and metal, they combine, transform and reassemble these domestic objects in unique ways to create temporary constructs, many of which are precarious in nature.


Taking place over a number of days, the exhibition will create an ongoing dialogue by giving a new life to inanimate objects, materials and concepts as the artists alter and shape the space on a daily basis.

Featuring Alan Baker, Charlotte Cullen, Conor Rogers, Elena Brake, Emma Corrall,  Joss Williams, Matt Greenwood and Sam Baker, 

Curated by Alan Baker and Rebecca Wild

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