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12-23 December 2017


Land Marks is an exhibition that looks at the traces, erosions and edifices of nature, from wheel tracks to monuments, fences to hill figures: the results of time, history and people’s interactions with their surroundings.


Using collage and works on paper or canvas the pieces reflect the processes at work in our environment; the ways in which nature supports life and the ways in which time and people put their mark on nature. 



  • Kate Davies, explores the overlooked and insignificant parts of the worked landscape and at the tracks and traces, sticks and stones which mark the land.

  • Sarah Feinmann’s work uses juxtapositions of used and worn materials to examine the nature of time, memory, change and erosion.

  • Maggie Hargreaves is interested in the natural environment and how the interactions within it enable it to function as a habitat for all

  • Fiona Moate makes semi abstract paintings which incorporate landscape elements, from ancient monuments to architectural landmarks

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