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Drawing Beyond Itself

2nd October-22nd October 2020


Drawing has always been used as a tool to slow down and observe the world around us: its material form leaving a record of this experience. But what is the nature of drawing today?

This exhibition intends to challenge pre-conceptions of what drawing is and reflect the diverse range and expanded nature of contemporary drawing in the UK.


Everything has to begin somewhere and even the simplest mark becomes a starting point: the foundation of a drawing. But how can drawing go beyond this? Is drawing more than a group of marks on a page? Can the act of drawing be just as important as the final outcome?  And how can drawing extend itself physically and conceptually across 'other' mediums like painting, sculpture, performance and wider social contexts. 


Showcasing an eclectic mix of contemporary approaches to drawing, the exhibition will challenge the mediums boundaries, providing a testing ground for artists to re-imagine drawing as they see fit. By opening a space where a plurality of narratives around drawing co-exist we aim to spark conversation and encourage a questioning of drawings possibilities. On or off paper, 2d or 3d we are presenting practices rooted in drawing which approach the medium in a creative way: works which questions drawings role today as it emerges somewhere between thought and the physical act of making.


Live performance by Ruby Tingle and Simon Woolham

Tom Witherick

SImon Woolham- Drawing out your garden virtual Frottage workshop

Artist Talks

We hosted a series of artists talks organised and led by Jay Ottewell and Jayson Gylen

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