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From Macro to Micro 
By Isabela Castelan

7th July- 5 August

P.V 6th July


Wed-Fri 11-5

Sat 12-5



From Micro to Macro
My sound installation ‘From Micro to Macro’ takes inspiration from decaying technology.

It focusses on sound, image, and communication. It is an interactive, fragile, and low- tech sound installation, a communication tool using sound, objects, and images to explore the spaces between the very small and the very large, the concept, ‘From Micro to Macro’.

The sound installation was made mainly of my collection of old technology gadgets and other objects, found around the house. The work includes bits of a broken toy, my old landline phone, a remote control, a radio, a calculator, small torches, some clocks, and a small collection of headphones. I also use personal items like my old mobile phones, old family cameras from the 60’s, and my old digital cameras that I have used to make work in the past.

All the gadgets I have used have been totally trashed by time and by use. They work on batteries that must be replaced constantly. It reminds me strongly of a broken toy, and my childhood memories.
Four digital compositions are an integral part of the work as well as white noise, and muffled voices, blended with the constant tic-tac of the 3 clock devices. The noises mingle on approaching this sound installation and the tic-tac sound and radio noise can be unsettling. But as soon as one hears the music closely through headphones, the listener can find a feeling of expanded time and a sense of calmness.

All the digital compositions in this sound installation are unedited improvisations, recorded in my computer during a 6-month period observing the sky at night with a basic telescope. For me, these compositions represent a narrative and journey, as reflected in my imagination, inspired by infinity, as if the celestial had a voice. You will notice hearing the music that it is out of control; it is purely a momentary performance.

This experience is mirrored in the drawings. A series of black and white drawings are also part of this exhibition. These drawings are a result of contemplating infinity on the black surface of the paper. Diagrams of a small universe present themselves, emerging
out of the dark surfaces. 


They echo the journey of the micro mind space, revealed in my imagination, and epresent the voyage of materiality, from micro to macro.

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