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28th May-19th June 2020

2020 is an exhibition celebrating the best of North West Graduates form the 2020 year!

Let’s face is 2020 has been a pretty terrible year both in terms of world disasters, disease, politics, lockdown and trying to adjust to the new normal in a now economically strained world.

More than most other courses, art students suffered a terrible blow in 2020. With lockdown stopping many from being able to access the vital resources, equipment and facilities they needed, most being unable to use their studio spaces and almost all receiving restricted tutor help during this time. The final blow was that many students didn’t even get to physically show their final piece in the end of year Degree show; a rite of passage for many that was taken away. 

So we're presenting to you ‘The Best of 2020’. We have selected 20 graduates from the North West to show us their best work made in 2020; whether this is their degree show piece or a piece created in response to the injustice of the year. This showcase is a true testament to the resilience of the next generation of artists and their ability to adapt even in times of great  uncertainty. 

Artist Include: 

Ameerah Dawood, Dolly Florence,  Emma Dolan, Emma Liao, Erin Cooke, Eve Gittins, Frankie Osborne, Jess Parry, Jina Lee,

Kasia Tatys, Maddy Venus, Molly Graham, Natalia Szuk, Nicola Bolton, Polly Bates, Richard Mullen, Saffron Summerfield, Saskia Bonner-Tymms, Sam Frost and Smugglerius.

Thank you to our collaborative partner Short Supply and to Castlefield Gallery for sponsoring our awards.

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