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Why Don't You

7th February -2nd March 2019


AIR Gallery is proud to announce our first exhibition of 2019 Why Don’t You by Manchester-based artist Olwyn Carroll.

Why Don’t You presents a shadow-land of pallide dissatisfaction, questioning how empathy is valued and understood in contemporary society.  

Cognitively and emotionally we feel it. Empathy intrinsic to our humanity. Immersed in a never ending stream of shared content our fragile psyches become numb. In its place grows a simulation of a feeling that may once have rang true. 

Emotions become a commodity, no longer a sincere, altruistic reaction. Our heartfelt responses are merely reflections of our own sorry state. Identity is set in stone by online algorithms, a perpetual stream of pop-ups and Cookies that you can't even taste.

Upon entering the space the viewer is presented to a world of something ‘other’. 

Enveloped within a unique narrative of visceral luminescence, and initially tantalised by the spectacle of this multi sensory experience, the viewer slowly becomes aware not only of the painful themes underpinning the work, but how it mirrors their own inner fears.


Olwyn Carrol presents this multi-media installation where the viewer is immersed in her subversive world of stop motion puppets, sculpture, light and sound composed by CURRENTMOODGIRL.


The exhibition will run from the 8th February-2nd March with an opening event on Thursday 7th February from 6-9pm. There will also be a workshop that will be held on Saturday 16th February 1pm-4pm in which adults can create their own unique character to be exhibited in an online animated film. Free but booking required.

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