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Nicola Garvey


Untitled 2022’ is one of my latest pieces since graduating, and stands at 227cm, it is comprised of a vintage red and white dolls house sitting on four splayed, heavy, hollow, steel legs with feet. It is deliberately high beyond reach, and a metaphor for so many interpretations. A dolls house should be played with; a house is meant to offer sanctuary but sadly both are out of reach. I am mindful not to impose my own explanations, preferring instead that the viewer is involved in forming their own understandings.

  ‘Untitled 2022’ is engaging not only because of its imposing presence but because it is sincere without being overcomplicated; it is genuine; gritty; and relatable; it is humble yet powerful, and is an expansion of previous works made throughout my degree studies during the covid pandemic where her sculptures emerged as anthropomorphic ‘beings’ suggestive of a distorted reality.

Nicola Garvey
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