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Jacob Carter

Terra (Earth)

Part of a series of what the artist describes as ‘concrete paintings’, ‘Terra (Earth)’ is an exploration of fragments, ancient construction processes, and the interplay between traditional and contemporary materials and processes. Inspired by a found piece of concrete that possessed fragmented forms resembling a totem or a flint arrowhead, the sculpture delves into the connections between neolithic history, architecture, and contemporary digital technologies. By employing the ancient construction process of terrazzo, the artist reflects a history of historical building techniques while the choice of concrete and the geometric rigid form references both Brutalist and Post-Modernist architecture. The unique material qualities of concrete, reflective fragments of barrelled glass, and the window-like acrylic, offer a tangible connection to the urban landscape and its architectural heritage.

Through the incorporation of laser-cut black acrylic, the artwork bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary methods. This intentional juxtaposition highlights the contrast between raw and traditional sculptural materials and digitally-led techniques, inviting viewers to contemplate the fragments of history, the evolution of construction processes, and the interconnectedness between past and present. By creating a dialogue between ancient and contemporary elements, the artwork explores themes of time, materiality, and the transformative power of artistic expression.

Jacob Carter
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