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Eloisa Pope


Looking through the gaze of a Fat Dyke, I obsess over and sexualise my body for my own gratification. I explore autosexuality. My work is influenced by the myth of Narcissus; however, unlike Narcissus I thrive upon my own gaze, I do not suffer from it. My self-sufficient love is enough; I don’t long for the body in the mirror to love me back because it already does.

Cake is a signifier of indulgence, feasting on oneself. Using the cake as an extension of myself, it is a metaphor of masturbation. Using the process of sitting on the cake, I am consumed with pleasure, as I am consumed with myself.

I feed my art practise through presentational talks in a picaresque comic journey of how I address issues that others would rather I didn’t. With candour I’m opening possibilities of what art can be when you live an artform

Eloisa Pope
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