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Edie Evans

Earth Notes

Earth Notes is a project which represents the relationship between place, memory and material.

It draws together materials collected from over 50 locations, combining them with traditional screen print and pottery techniques. It forms a visually engaging series which encourages the audience to consider questions about the origins of material. This leads to conversation about the history of materials, how they are created and affected by environmental changes and consideration of the duality of human life and environmental.

There is an embodied process in me harvesting and using foraged materials and a rhythm and relationship inherent in the act of making with them. I limited myself to only minimal traditional tools, these restrictions were liberating and I found a freedom in the instinctive making as my hands shaped the materials, working in collaborating with the material and leaving traces of my hands on their surfaces. Through this I began to develop a dialogue between place, material and myself as the maker as I observed how the raw materials transformed as I took them out of place and considered my impact in this extraction process.

Edie Evans
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