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Dana Church


With a fresh approach the “shaped canvas”, using the grid’s allure of inherent order as a visual anchor and foundational structure, I explore underlying themes of order, abstraction, and objectivity.

Onto this deep-relief surface are painted a variety of ready-made graphical and picto-linguistic elements. Pictorial concepts are developed and expressed by discrete systems of artist-defined rules and permutations with a compositional rigour to produce unique compositions using reductive palettes, sourced nature's flora and fauna, foreign travel, and/or the salutary pop palette of the supermarket.

Characterised by familiar, collective geometric motifs, compositions are determined by systems and patterns featuring repetition and iteration whereby dynamic tensions derive from disrupting comforting gestalts that are energised by offsets and juxtapositions over multiple undulating surfaces.

Informed by constructivism, minimalism, systemic, and concrete art, I work in the generative space between painting and sculpture. The chosen abstract motifs convey through aesthetics a wry social commentary and the human need to impose order on a universe determined by chaos and entropy, reflecting the fundamental dichotomy of existence.

My art embraces circumspection to engage the viewer in a contemplative dialogue about the complexities of human existence and our attempts and abilities to shape the world around us.

Dana Church
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