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Anna Clough and Fergus Bryon

Meeting of waters

Photographic documentation of a walk completed by two artists. Byron started on the beach outside the Sellafield Nuclear plant, a pinnacle of the British energy industry. He collected the same seawater used to cool the plant, in a yoke. Clough started on the snowline of Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England and the birthplace of British Romanticism. She collected meltwater, in a yoke, that had just run through the snow. They then walked in the direction of the other meeting in the middle, connecting the object of water and merging the sublime and utilitarian value.

The work is an anthropological investigation of rural places. Through the transportation of water from these culturally significant places, the walk entangles water’s material value in the renewable industry with its value in the fells ecosystem. The outcome creates a conversation of material, that provides insight and playfully compares ideas of place and narrative.

9 photographs were taken as documentations of the performance. These are shown within a locally sourced wood frame. There is no gap in-between the photographs creating a continues landscape across the captured moments within the walk.

Anna Clough and Fergus Bryon
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