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Vivian Ge

Here's the Garden Ⅱ, Digital print on paper with frame, 420*297mm, £160

Taking inspiration from the role of gardens as healing spaces and barriers to the city, I cultivate a virtual healing space for people to recover from the pandemic and reconnect to outside world. By reinspecting the space between the physical and digital worlds, this work explores an unconventional way to capture the natural surroundings. By scanning my hand-made textiles and editing it in digital software, I transferred the physical material to digital ones. The textile installation illustrates the beauty of garden via colour, material, and form.

Artist Bio

Inspired by immersive moments in the natural environment, Vivian Ge is a London and Shanghai based multidisciplinary textile artist. Drawing on the philosophy of ‘dwelling poetically on the earth’, her creative use of colours, textures and forms evokes a joy of life and a tenderness of healing. Using textiles, Vivian creates connections between nature and people. Existing both physically and in the digital realm, her works cultivate opportunities for people to embrace the principles of biophilia in the Morden city. A graduate of the Winchester School of Art, UK, and with a Masters in Textiles at the Royal College of Art, London. Vivian has shown her works internationally at many exhibitions in London, Wales, Paris and Shanghai. Her recent work was awarded as the 2nd prize of Wales Contemporary 2022. Her work has also been published in Harper’s Bazaar UK and Village Raw Magazine.

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