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Marie Jones

Craftercise In collaboration with digital artist Sam Meech. Duration 14:17 mins, NFS

Knit Challenge No.01 How long does it take to knit a pair of trousers? 1 hour.

Knit Challenge No.02 How long does it take to knit a pair of trousers that fit me? Mixed media 34 x 96cm £350

Combining the worlds of fitness video and knitting tutorial CRAFTERCISE uses machine knitting as an exercise to build up your knitted wardrobe as well as keep you fit. Marie Jones plays knitting tutor and fitness fanatic Marie Tracey, as she guides us through a warm up with cone lifts and cone crunches, machine knitting a scarf and finishing with a cast off to cool off. Presented as an apparently found film from 1989, and shot on a high-8 analogue video camera, CRAFTERCISE brings together two unusual (and contrasting) cultural phenomenon from ths 80s - the workout video and the machine knitting tutorial. Both were aimed primarily at women (or assumed female audiences) and were distributed on video - with copies still turning up on eBay.

Knit Challenge No.01 Machine knit challenges each challenge is chosen whilst knitting the one before.

Artist Bio

Artist (b.1983) currently based in Warrington UK. I have an ideas led practice and I’m interested in: the snippets of everyday conversations that linger and our interpretations of them. Our relationships with one another and how transcribing may enable empathy and our ability to look beyond the limitations, expectations and probable outcomes to create new systems with their own eventual limitations, expectations and probable outcomes. Using a combination of scale, colour, humour, and domestic craft techniques I create works such as large scale site responsive installations, wall hangings, soft sculptures, art garments & performance. Recent show and commissions include ‘Find The Man With The Ferret’ Framework Knitters Museum, Ruddington. That’s Not My Retrospective..., Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces, Warrington UK. That’s Not My Exhibition..., Galeri, Caernarfon UK. The Knit & Stitch Show, Alexandra Palace, London UK

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