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Maggie Williams

Lockdown 2.0 Date: 2020, Cross-stitch on aida, 14 cm diameter (approx.) £120

'Lockdown 2.0.' was a response to the 'fairtigue' experienced during lockdown. The ability (and necessity) to move exhibitions and art fairs online was a groundbreaking shift but quickly became tiresome. Frustrated and exhausted from looking at hundreds of artworks in virtual spaces, the empty space in the middle playfully mocks the ubiquitous works that could be in it's place, whilst the work as a whole is a yearning for physicality.

Artist Bio

Maggie Williams (b.1989) is a British-Chinese artist living and working in London. Williams has exhibited in numerous exhibitions across London and the UK, including at Royal Festival Hall, Hackney WickED and The Auction Collective. She was invited to her first solo exhibition in 2014 at cueB Gallery in Brockley, was a finalist for the ArtSlant Prize and Zealous X in 2016, and featured in The Bigger Picture podcast by Arcarta in 2020.

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