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Lindsy Halleckson

Alchemy of Air - No. 3, Acrylic on breath-dyed canvas, 31cm x 31 cm, £850

The air that we breathe could be considered the smallest fiber (and one of the earliest technologies) that connects us to each other across the planet - and across all of time. To create this piece, I combined the rich history of dyeing textiles with the use of my own breath to dye the canvas.

In my work, I combine the use of natural dyed fabrics with highly controlled surfaces created with acrylic paint and brushes. I think about approaching life with a perceived sense of control, as a scientist approaches experiments. On one hand, we have certain expectations of any situation, and on the other, we have whatever is actually there -- which might not be what we expect. So, these paintings express that dissonance between expectation and lived experience.

Artist Bio

Lindsy Halleckson is an American artist whose work crosses fields of art, science, and environmentalism. Her paintings and installations have been shown in galleries across the U.S. and in international venues. She has been awarded grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board (2018, 2021), Metropolitan Regional Arts Council/McKnight Foundation (2017), and Puffin Foundation (2013). She is currently an invited collaborator working with atmospheric chemists on projects funded by the National Science Foundation (2019-23) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (2022-24), and she will give the 89th Forest Industry Lecture at the University of Alberta in March 2023.

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