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Katie McGuire

Leave it behind at the end of the day, Sculpture, 140 x 90, NFS

'Leave it behind at the end of the day' is an expression of being a working class artist. It is a piece that has been created in the evenings following on from working a full-time job. In it's own way it explores the contrast between affordable technology and the handmade. The sculpture is made by hand due to the inability to fund machine made work, however it is ironically made with a material that has been highly digitally and machine produced. It explores materiality between old technique and new product, exploring how to adapt and progress as an artist during these times.

Artist Bio

I identify as a contemporary sculptor choosing to explore the importance of materiality through the theme of industrialism. I predominantly create sculptures using the non-traditional material backer rod – a polyethylene material used as an insulator on construction/building sites.

My work is centred around ideas, thoughts and sensory reactions when exploring different environments and how I can manipulate a range of industrial materials to create a conversation within a new setting. Through my work, I explore form, weight and tension and breaking points of materials usually used on industrial sites or in construction. I believe in creating my sculptures solely by hand to emphasise the idea of manual labour in the industry trade. As a female Northern working-class artist, it is important for me to explore my heritage through the reproduction of industry in an artistic aesthetic manner.

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