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Jenny Pope

Saturation to the point of empty, Cloth, steel cables and clips, 1.3m wide, £560

This piece is about burnout, and waiting too long till stopping and then carrying all of past worries and tensions along to the extent that you can't function properly in the present. The shape of the bags is taken from Japanese grain bags which were constructed to hold as much as possible and stretch, an analogy as humans we are expected to expand and hold all the pressures put upon us.

Artist bio

I am an Edinburgh based artist, with a BA in Ceramics and an MA in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art. I make sculptures and installations using found and recycled objects exploring uncertainty and change.

I have a fascination with the inescapable changes that happen in our internal lives and also externally in the natural environment. I use beachcombing and collecting discarded objects as both a meditative activity and practical taxonomy of found relics. I use the analogy of weathering of objects to suggest the uncertainty and changes we all face as human beings.

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