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Dot Jackson

Marbled Cinderblock, satin, marbling ink, thread, 8in x 8in x 16in, £510

This piece is an exploration of a rough object becoming soft and fleshy. Using sewing and pattern making techniques, I traced the form of a cinderblock and recreated it with skin-like satin. This satin is embellished with prints made from my own breath, created by breathing onto the surface of water with floating ink. This soft structure with veinlike markings mimics both marble and concrete, two materials far from the fleshiness of fiber. Now a shell of itself, this cinderblock sits like a ghostly puff, slouched and bodily.

Artist Bio

Dot Jackson is an interdisciplinary artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She constructs sculptures and installations that explore the poetic relationship between the home and the body. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently in Detroit, Seoul and New York. Dot is currently studying Fiber in the Master of Fine Arts Program at Cranbrook Academy of Art. She currently lives and works in Detroit, Michigan.

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