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Alena Ruth Donely

My Self Worth (is hollow), Hand tufted rug, vegan materials, cut-out heart shape 142x54.5x1.5cm , POA

‘My self-worth (is hollow)' is a piece that narrates my struggle with self-image on social media platforms. Research shows that Instagram in particular is damaging & a source of deep self-loathing & depression for young girls especially, due to unrealistic body standards manipulated by filters & powered by the desire to achieve perfection. What I believe isn’t talked about enough in this line of conversation, is how the visual arts has been impacted by Instagram. As someone who’s favourite medium went viral on social platforms, I feel that something precious to me has been over saturated & some of the joy of making has been lost through that. If my artwork doesn’t get enough likes, it is a reflection of my soul & my talent. If I don’t have enough followers, I am not worthy as an artist. If I delete my social media, I become unknown & lose sales. It’s a never ending cycle of feeling worthless. Dotted abut are small Instagram heart notifications to reflect that the audience is what makes social media both crucial & bearable.

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