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Much too Shy

31st July- 22nd August 2020


AIR Gallery is proud to present MUCH TOO SHY! featuring the four winners of last year’s AIR Open 2019. The exhibition showcases a selection of new and recent works by these award winning artists across the mediums of sculpture, painting and video.


Taking it's title from the popular 1940's film, the exhibition showcases a new body of work that is both playful in nature whilst making poignant observations about the world around them.


The film's satirical take on the art world is reflected within the exhibition; with unconventional takes on the human form, surrealistic depictions, the contrast with the everyday, titillating topics and good humour all round. Taking non-traditional approaches to their chosen craft, these artists present tongue in cheek perspectives that provide both witty and ironic commentary on the everyday.


We are delighted to welcome back these award winning artists and to see their progress one year on.

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