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Lucky Dip

Resumed until 25th July 2020


This exhibition based purely on the theme of chance!


By removing the control attached to Open Call selection, artists were purely chosen by chance in a Lucky Dip Draw*. This gave every artist equal opportunity to have their works elected for the show regardless of background, education, status or connections. It also removed part of the curatorial control, making for a more challenging and interesting show to curate.


The resulting show is an eclectic mix that shows the broad range contemporary that exists on a local, national and international scale. By removing the curatorial control, this has led to interesting correlations to develop at random and ultimately create surprising new narratives between the works.


When visiting this show, make sure to vote for your favourite piece of work on show. The winner of the public vote will be announced on the last day of the exhibition at 4pm.


Lucky Dip draw filmed live on the 31 January 2020 at 3pm. All artists were contacted and any artists who rejected their place where replaced by another artist chosen at random from the draw in the subsequent days.

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