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17 March - 22 April 2023

P.V: 16 March 6-10pm

Wed-Fri 11-5

Sat 12-5

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Textile making traditions spans global cultures as one of the earliest human technologies. It has been a staple in industry, fashion, craft and decorative arts throughout the ages but it particularly made a resurgence in the 1960s back into the contemporary art world. Since then Fibre and textile arts have been developing new forms and language -becoming more conceptual and cross-disciplinary, even into this digital age.

This group exhibition explores how contemporary artists are embracing new technological advances whilst retaining elements of traditional craft to explores themes of personal experience, collective memory, political and ecological messages and tongue in cheek approaches to textiles.

Artist List

Adele Jordan, Alena Ruth Donely,  Alison Berry, Angela Tait, Beatrice Gillies, Dot Jackson, Elaine Fisher, Ellie Laycock, Francesco Felletti, Jacqui Barrowcliffe, Jazz Prisciandaro-Wood, Jenny Pope, Katie McGuire, Laura Nathan, Lily Martina Lee & Carrie Quinney,

Lindsy Halleckson, Patrick Stratton, Maggie Williams, Marie Jones

Naomi Walker, Nora Lardon, Rachel Johnston, Rachel Rose, Richard Malone, Sarah Lee, Sophy King, Tamasine Seibold, Tomas Cobbett, Tanvi Ranjan, Vivian Ge

See the Fibre VR Show here

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