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3-26th October 2019


Exposure features 26 artists exploring experimental photography in all its unique forms. Focusing primarily on emerging artists; this show sheds light on previous unseen talent on a local, national and international scale. From camera-less methods to material cross-overs; this showcase aims to bring attention to contemporary photographers who challenge the limits of photography today and open up the dialogue on what ‘photography’ may mean in a hyper-technological society.


Over the past decade photographers have witnessed unprecedented changes in their medium. The growth and domination of the digital era has transformed the long-held presumptions and practices of analogue methods. Nowadays everyone has access to a camera through their phones and everyone can be a photographer at the push of a button or launch of an app.  However, even though digital media has taken precedent, there are more artists than ever turning back to original method and processes; leading to interesting conversations and collaborations between the analogue and digital that crates exciting new avenues for the art form today.

Artists list

Alice Campos, Alicia Kremser, Andrea Wright, Anouk Van Der Wegen, Brian Joyce, Brita d'Agostino, Caro Krebietke, David Dunnico, Ece Bayram, EXILIO, Evelyn Wolstenholme, Ian Vines,  Jane Chavez-Dawson, Joanne Quinn, Laura Besancon, Liz Jeary, Melissa Nunez, Panachai Chaijirarat, Rebecca Wild, Richard Hardwick, Ritesh, Shir Raz, SooMin Leong, Sophie Le Roux, Stefanie Herr, Steff Jamieson, Tim Pearse and Vangelis Artemou. 

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