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Expanded Painting

11 March- 2nd April  2022

​Painting is one of arts fundamental mediums, explored and enjoyed by thousands across the centuries. Since ancient Greece, painting has been the most dominant art form; used a way to tell stories, record history, present the self, the world, science, literature and politics. All from the hushed silence on a flat stationary surface.

But what happens when painting no longer wants to be silent? When artists want to expand beyond the flat plane, where the focus is no longer on presenting realism but a move towards conceptual ideas and exploration. What happens when we stop and ask: What is a painting?


This exhibition presents the works of 27 artists who are doing just that: taking a more radical approach to painting and pushing the boundaries of what a painting is, how it is made, what it is made with and how it is presented.

Paintings relevance in contemporary society has been questioned many times over the last century with other mediums such as photography, installation art and digital technologies taking the place where painting would once thrive. However in reference to Titmarsh's publication; this exhibition aims to show that as these formal boundaries tumble, something new and exciting can emerge.

Featuring: Alan Begg | Andee Collard | Celia Johnson | Charlie Franklin | Clara Fantoni | Dan Hamer | Deb Covell | Fiona Chambers | Helen K Grant | Jamie Kirk | Jayson Gylen | Laura Jane Scott | Lisa Denyer | Liz Elton | Luke Skiffington | Luke Parry | Mat Birchall | Mike Chevaz-Dawson | Nicola Bolton | Reka Ritt | Richard Baker | Sam De Freitas | Sam Owen Hull | Sean Penlington Stefanie Zocco | Stephen Carley | Woo Sun Choi

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