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8-30th June 2018

Join us on the 7th June from 6pm to celebrate our new show 'Emergence'; a group exhibition featuring the four winners of last year’s AIR Open 2017. Bringing together a collection of new works by April Virgoe, Omid Asadi, Rowan Eastwood and Tristram Aver; the exhibition aims to showcase how each artist has developed over the past year since accepting their awards.

The title of the show is reflective of the underlying themes within the works, bringing into question that which is visible and what is being a concealed; from unseen consequences and obscured images, to hidden depths and meanings. Emergence also signifies that these artists are rising to prominence in the contemporary visual arts scene. 

Featuring a mixture of painting, experimentation, installation, sculpture and video; this multi-disciplinary show represents the diversity in the current contemporary art scene and the rich variety of experimental media at play.

The exhibition will run from 8th -30th June.

Could your work be here next year in our winners show? Enter now at

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