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Tina Dempsey and Garth Gratrix

14th March -6th April 2019


Dempsey and Gratrix explore notions of joy and a peculiar pursuit of happiness, often expressed through material experimentations, a conceptual and visual sensitivity to colour and studying of each other's practices as temporary collaborators.

Spaces they construct offer a period of detached togetherness as they act neighbourly whilst curtain twitching at one another's aesthetics.

Tina Dempsey


Dempsey's work aims to capture and generate a sense of joy, both for herself and the viewer.

A playful exploration of collage, print, mark-making, and palette result in a series of aesthetically charged, site-specific installations, works on paper and sculpture, that hope to inspire a quiet revolution as an antidote for mass consumerism.


Garth Gratrix


Gratrix seeks to experiment with the machismo of making; in particular how to embed queerness within the foundations and processes of constructing minimalist installation and sculptural pieces.

In current works, the artist studies found colour specifications and the relationships between language, aesthetics and communication.

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