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2 November- 9 December 2017

Curiosities is an exhibition of extraordinary artwork that celebrates the curious and unusual in modern day art. Featuring the work of 12 prominent artists from across the U.K, this exhibition aims to entice and excite whilst toying with the borders between museum and gallery display.

Curiosity in itself is a fundamental part of any artist; that need to analyze, enquire and experiment is the starting point of any work of art. The inquisitive mind of the artist is reflected throughout the works on show, with artworks that dissect, transform and fall outside the usual constraints.


Hand-picked by the curator, these unexpected objects explore the strange and wonderful in contemporary art. These objects define classification, standing alone as objects of a rare and curious quality; whilst collectively creating a display that blurs the boundaries of contemporary art into the realms of science, fantasy and history

Featuring the work of Duncan Cameron, Giulia Caccittolo, Henny Burnett, Helen Wheeler, Jane Fairhurst, Lee Finch, Luke Irving, Paul Tuppeny,  Penny Alexander, Martha Lyons-Haywood, Ruby Tingle and Thaleia Kavvada

Curated by Rebecca Wild

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