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Shadows in the Light
By Jill Woods

18th-26th August

P.V 17th August


Wed-Fri 11-5

Sat 12-5



This micro show consists of two works Mesmerise and Bathed in the Same Light.

Mesmerise consists of 3 heat sculptured Perspex cylinders inspired by the intricate formations of glass sponges found in the depths of the oceans. Created intuitively, Mesmerise really comes alive when the viewer interacts with it using their own phone torch. By altering the angel of light, different patterns and orientations can be created, some appear to be 3D. This way both artist and viewer co-create the work, taking on the unique characteristics of each viewer. In our busy, stressful lives this invitation to play can provide a brief period of mindfulness which has shown to improve anxiety and stress.

Bathed in the Same Light

An installation piece of suspended, heat sculptured Perspex cells, exploring the oxymoron of 'simple complexity' in order to evoke a sense of wonder about creation. Cells are simple building blocks of us all, yet the 37.2 trillion cells in our bodies create awesome complexity and diversity of humanity.

Using simple materials, the installation is brought to life only when bathed in light from an outside source. AIR Currents created by movement in the space further add life to the piece. When bathed in light the work cast shadows onto the wall, with patterns suggestive of internal complexity of cellular architecture. Each cell has it's own character and structure but together with the surrounding cells, the installation becomes an organism. 

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