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Be Friend OK? 
By Jessie Tam

24th May- 3rd June 2023


Wed-Fri 11-5

Sat 12-5

Portrait_Jessie Tam.jpg


The first time meeting the geese in the park, I thought of geese noodles, and I pointed at them saying it out loud. My partner said it was brutal. "BE FRIEND OK?" popped into my mind. I started to search for what the geese like to eat so I could write them letters, and they would probably say yes. It ended up with rejection, chaos, and screaming. Only the last time, with romaine lettuce, made a slight difference.

Be Friend OK? is a room created for displacement, missing home, and fragile relationships, where Jessie addresses melancholic displacement in a poetic and humorous manner. It is a mixture of surprise and imagination that combines her observations, stories, texts, drawings, inner voice, and film as fragments of the distant, faraway, abandoned, and gone home. By infusing a sensitive and poetic imagination, she hopes to contour the blurry outline of the body and sew up the holes of memory for people who shuffled around, where meeting and separating became unspoken experiences. And she invites you to join her.

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