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AIR Open 2018

10th August- 29th September


AIR Gallery is proud to present our second annual summer

show the AIR Open 2018; featuring 38 multi-disciplinary artists working in the field of contemporary art.

This diverse show features a collection of artwork that has been carefully selected by our panel from the hundreds of applications we received from local, national and international artists.

Director of AIR Gallery, Becky Wild states that “The AIR Open 2018 is now in it's second year and the standard of entries this years has been incredible. This annual show is a great chance to showcase new and upcoming artists from across the globe, giving us an exciting insight into what contemporary art is in the here and now. We're so pleased to be showing the work of so many new graduates just starting their artistic careers and are proud to be supported this year by GreatArt and Castlefield Gallery.”


The exhibition will run until the 29th September at AIR Gallery; part of A4 Studios CIC based on Grosvenor Road, Altrincham. Visitors are encouraged to vote for their favourite work as part of our People's Choice Award. Many of the works featured are also available for sale, providing an ideal opportunity to support emerging talent worldwide.


Many thanks to our judging panel Alan Baker, Louise Garman, Omid Asadi and Sandra Bouguerch for helping select the works for the show.


Agnès Thöni, Bobby Nixon, Carolina Mitsuka, Charlotte Fisher, Charlotte Robinson, Constanza Miranda, Donna Coleman, Elizabeth Kwant, Emily Stollery, Emma Colbert , Freda Wilken, Gwen Evans, Hanna ten Doornkaat, Henry King, Janette Byrne, Jen Orpin , Jude Lin, Karol Kochanowski , Katie McGuire, Laura Lightbody, Lucy Ridges, Malcolm Hague, Mandy Parkinson , Michael Winstone, Neil Metzner, Paul Digby, Paula  Fenwick Lucas, Richard Baker , Rose Parker, Rufus Biddle, Sara Allen Prigodich, Sarah Gilman, Sasinun Kladpetch, Shahram Farrokhnejad, Simon Woolham, Tina Dempsey, Theo Ellison and William Braithwaite.

Kindly sponsored by Castlefield Gallery and Great Art


GreatArt Award- Gwen Evans

Castlefield Award- Rufus Biddle

AIR Award- Freda Wilken

Visitors Choice - Shahram Farroknehjad

Highly commended to: Emily Stollery, Charlotte Robinson, Laura Lighbody, Lucy Ridges and Simon Woolham

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