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At What Cost

6th July- 4th August 2018

At What Cost? is an exhibition showcasing the works of five contemporary artists exploring the themes of conflict and crisis in the modern world.

Each piece is characterised by instability and shaped by the effects of conflict; whether this be through contrasting and destructive forces, transient fragility or migratory movements hidden within the works. Through the process of juxtaposing visual details with conflicting materials, the works within the show attempt to
destabilise what is recognisable to instead present traces of experiences, fragments of memory and reflections of an ongoing reality from lives lived on terms very different to our own.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an artist talk on the opening night, exploring the role of the artist as a mediator for the marginalized and dis-empowered whilst providing further context behind each of the works on show. The exhibition will then continue to create an ongoing dialogue over its duration through an on-site workshop aimed at a younger audience.


Exhibition catalogue available to purchase from 5th July.

Exhibiting Artists

James Bloomfield, Matilda Glenn, John Lockwood, Thaleia Kavvada and Jo Scorah

Kindly supported by funds from  Arts Council England

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