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4 February- 4 March 2023


Wed-Fri 11-5

Sat 12-5



An exhibition exploring the theme of parenthood;  showcasing a variety of viewpoints on this theme from artist who are already parents, those who are expecting parents and those in which parenthood may not be an option.

Having seen the work of artists groups last year campaigning for changes as part of ; it has highlighted to us the need for galleries to provide more opportunities and further platforms for artists-parents.

Don't forget to also check out Carli Adby-Notleys work in our Micro Gallery.

Artist List

Featuring the work of:

Andrea Allan, Caroline McCambridge, Christina Rose Brown, Hettie Judah, Kathryn Jago, Lāsma Poiša, Lauren McLaughlin, Lexi Strauss, Liz Lock, Lucy Cade, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Mishka Henner, Richard Shields, Sally Butcher

Andrea Allan's work includes the work of:

Alma Haser / Carli Adby / Adele Annett / Amelia Lancaster / Boglarka Varga / Sally Butcher / Jocelyn Allen / Marta Mengardo / Maura Jamieson / Nikki Davidson Bowman / Rezia Wahid / Dyana Gravina / Victoria Smits / Lauren McLaughlin / Frank Abruzzese / Jill Skulina

Workshops and talks


5th Feb- Creative embroidery for kids with artist Christina Brown

18th Feb- Collage.Paint.De-Stress with artist Lucy Cade

Talks led by artist Carli Adby Notley

Exhibition Catalogue

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