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All Work And All Play

27th June -20th July 2019


At the forefront of this exhibition is the impulse to investigate or play. Taking inspiration from art movements from the 1960’s onwards, we have commissioned 27 UK artists working predominantly in sculpture. These will be interactive sculptures that explore our relationship to art objects and question how we conduct ourselves in a gallery setting and public spaces. Taking place as part of Manifest Arts Festival, we want to create a dialogue between spaces through active audience engagement, live events and workshops. This will be a fully immersive experience that encourages our curiosity and inner child to be unleashed and generate new narratives on what sculpture can be.

Workshop/Event include:

Live Performances

Thursday 27th June   7.30pm

Joe Hancock and Charlie Cook, Alan Baker and a special performance from Mike Chavez-Dawson's son. 

Playing with Food

Saturday 13th July 1pm-3pm

A workshop toying with the notion of playing with food and transforming everyday consumables into sculptural creations.Workshop led by Rosie Dowd-Smyth.

Decay Play

Sunday 14th July   1pm-4pm 

A workshop where visitors can create their own ‘lost toy’ using plaster, household junk and old toys which will then be displayed as part of our main exhibition. Workshop led by Asheligh Harrold.


Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 July (Various Times)

A free workshop for a curious and playful engagement with drawing. Put on a blindfold and rely on your sense of touch to feel your way around the objects before you. Try out different drawing exercises with our experts Jayson Gylen and Jay Ottewell and take on a more playful approach to this traditional medium. Suitable for any age.

Late Night and Artist Talk 

Thursday 18th July 6-8pm

Late night opening and will be doing a full tour of the exhibition with artists present to talk about their work.

Meet the artists: Every week of the exhibition there will be a chance to meet a small selection of the artists involved in the show.

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