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The Unstable Line

28th January-19th February 2022

Drawing is a fundamental tool of the artist and people have drawn lines on walls and in the earth since humans first picked up a stick or stone. Making and leaving a mark has always been our way to leave a trace of our existence, to record a moment in time, and as a way to express ourselves beyond words.


For the exhibition we are showcasing 9 artists who explore the concept of the line within their works; from the artistic drive to represent movement through time within the flat picture plane to the extension of lines into physical space through installation, performance and sculptural forms. The works explore the concept of the line as once stable and rigid to a shifting and fragmented form that can expand beyond the confines of the page. The line become alive, fluid and unlimited.


Featuring: Anna Turner, Emily Stollery, Jeannie Driver, Kate McDonnell, Mark Houghton, Michaela D'Agati, Mikk Jäger, Nicole Lenzi and Sarah Louise Hawkins

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