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That Dark Space Behind My Eyes

22nd May- 2nd June 2018

Solo show by Louise Garman


My current practice has been to explore the idea of journeys. My starting point was a long walk, collecting discarded and unwanted everyday objects along the way, and photographing my surroundings. I attempted not to compose, but to capture the ground and sky in an immediate, less formal way.

Each journey I have taken has been documented in sketch books, photographs, drawings and prints. Initially, I believed that my practice was reflecting society, and our greed and non-caring attitude towards our environment. I then realised that my choice of objects was saying more about me as an artist through the process of observation and selection. Subconsciously, I have focused on life and death – birds’ nests, children’s toys, skulls, sleeping tablets, to name but a few. I have become fascinated by unwanted, displaced and discarded signs of life, both man-made and natural; abandoned objects, in surreal landscapes, both fleeting and precious.

I create carefully constructed installation pieces from my photographic images and videos as a means of expressing myself in a striking, original format in order to engage the viewer, and document my journeys to capture a moment in time, both ugly and beautiful, harsh and tender.


Rose Tinted

22nd May- 2nd June 2018


Solo show by Jenny Drinkwater

Introducing a new series of artwork from visual artist Jenny Drinkwater using the landscape as the basis for her investigations. Since 2014 she has built a body of work that considers the fragility of our environments, looking at the bond between urban development and natural landscapes. Raising awareness of the human impact on the landscape and how an unspoilt and untouched nature no longer exists.

The exhibition ROSE-TINTED focuses on man-made signs and networks that have become derelict and are being lost to nature. She articulates the power of the elements whether it be natural, manmade, organic or urban, making the invisible visible and the visible invisible. The works are a combination of photography, post-production ‘darkroom’ processes, painting and perspex to highlight the many vibrant and transformative powers of the landscape around us. Highlighting the spatial interplay between line, shape, colour and shadow. By pushing the boundaries of process she attempts to deepen the viewers understanding of man and nature, and explore the interconnectivity of people and place.

Exploiting this relationship between the synthetic and the natural her work considers notions that we are surrounded by an invisible landscape of spaces, colour, light, sound, movement and temperature. Therefore the different strands of her practise address the ongoing dialogues we have with our immediate environment, and asks questions about how we are shaping and
interpreting it.

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