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Eleanor Jacques

The Golden Cube

The Golden Cube is an elusive creature, hard to track and observe in its natural habitat as it lives underground. Our modern society functions in a starkly different manner, surveillance being a part of our everyday. Modern observations run deeper than the governmental regulations of control. We are reliant on our devices which relay personal, sensitive information on a daily basis, these form data profiles of individuals and there is proof of these technologies being used to change our opinions, beliefs, and political persuasions. This leaves us questioning: is choice and freedom an illusion? This anti-surveillant collection escapes the perpetual gaze of society in a playful and garish way, allowing individuals to feel the blissful freedom of The Golden Mole. Each piece can be used to protect their identity within crowded and public places. We need to wake up and take control of our own thoughts, we need to be truly ourselves and be immune to manipulation.

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 Eleanor Jacques
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