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Tamasine Seibold

Perpetual cycle 35" x 5" - cotton, wire, nails, old lace and calipers, NFS

These works explore both birth and death, as both mother and daughter. The loss of my mother to ovarian cancer in 2017, and later my Grandfather, found me living day by day, with the concepts of death and grief all too present, at a time when I was still adjusting to becoming a parent myself. My mother, a single parent to an only child - me. Our relationship could be intense or separate, with the lines between mother and daughter blurred or indeed swapped. As a new mother of two small children, I found the intensity and similarities between my birth stories and the grief process, a catalyst for creative expression. The often unspoken burden of consolidating the inheritance of the many possessions of my lost loved ones, informed my curiosity of the emotional weight of inanimate objects.

Artist Bio

I'm a visual/ community/ textile artist and Creative weaver from and working in Liverpool. Within my practise I try to be mindful of sustainability and resource efficiency, using pre loved yarns/ fabrics, found objects and inherited vintage objects/ textiles. I also like to create a community dialogue within my work:- to share stories, emotions, experiences and perspectives. I am often inspired by both nature and urban entropy, beauty in decay, playing on ‘Beauty is in the eye of beholder’…

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