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Patrick Stratton

Things I Do Sometimes: Sit Ups, Tapestry, wood,and Electronics 202016 cm x 14 cm x 10 cm, NFS

Stratton's work combines weaving with electronics to mimic day to day moments, culminating in the series: “Things I do Sometimes”. Starting with a systematic list of hundreds of actions documented through the pandemic, Stratton combines his knowledge of tapestry weaving and mechanics to make moving tapestries, where each part is hand-woven and automatic. 

It's Stratton's hope to do two things with this process. To help push the material possibilities of tapestry weaving and to conceptually organise everyday moments, so that they are a little less overwhelming. This can be seen in the work “Things I do Sometimes: Sit ups” Where the body and background are all handwoven and then motorised. Stratton often looks at this piece and wonders how many sit ups it’s done over its lifespan, and if he did the same amount of sit ups he would probably have a six pack.

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