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Memento Mori

15th October - 6th November 2021

Celebrate the spooky season this month at AIR Gallery with our latest show Memento Mori; showcasing the macabre, the grotesque and surreal works of 27 artists from around the world.

Translated as 'Remember Death'; the exhibition sets to remind the viewer of their own fragile mortality whilst also providing a poignant commentary on the art world perceptions of beauty and aesthetics. We are always drawn to works that are appealing to the eye, but what happens when we are confronted with uncomfortable depictions of modern life or something visually grotesque? What makes the unappealing difficult to digest but impossible to turn away from?

The exhibition features a range of Paintings, sculptures, and fine art from artists that highlight the disturbing beauty and curious attraction to the dark and unsettling. Although there are elements that remind us of the inevitability of death, there is dark humour, and elements that also highlight the affirmation of life with each artist presenting new ways for us to reflect on our own mortal state of being.

Please be aware that there are elements of this exhibition that may be disturbing or upsetting to some visitors.


Featuring: Alexis Ellis, Ali Darke, Anna Sturgeon, Blerta Meraj, Caroline Watson, Danny Freude, David Hancock, Diane Gerrard, Emily Beeman, Emma Phillips, Estelle Woolley, Iain Andrews, Jake Francis, Jane Andrews, Janet Howkins, Lou Webb, Meriel Clarke, Paula Pelz, Pete Hanmer, Sarah Gillham, Stanley Greening, Steve Sutton, Susan Eyre, Teresa Wilson, Tifany Kendall and Tim Brennan.

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