Steven Calver

P.V: Thurs 23rd Sept 6pm-10pm

Exhibition Continues: until 22nd October

Folklore presents an olfactory exploration of our cultural and social relationship with the forest. Used as the backdrop in most fairy tales, legends and  mythology, the forest has played a  significant part in offering us ideas of both solace and sanctuary – think of the safety Snow White finds there, and the gentle pipe music of Pan, God of the forest - as well as harbouring allusions to the sinister and nightmarish – the forest is the domain of Baba
Yaga in Russian folklore, and the child-hungry witch in Hansel and Gretel. 

Folklore offers a collection of five olfactory works that consider the transmorphic character of the forest, both realistic and imagined. However, our forests are not safe, and the collection attempts to approach the very real problems facing them, and us, today – mass
deforestation caused by consumerist demands, and extensive forest fires due to rapidly shifting climate change. Our forests hold stories, and we must not stop telling them.