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P.V: Thurs 28th July 6pm-10pm

Exhibition Continues: 29th July-10th September

A micro exhibition exploring our relationship with the landscape. These pieces are evoking a strange nostalgia yet are also imbued with a sense of solitude and loss. Isolation has become a collective experience we can all relate to and much like these artists, the recent lockdown has made everyone take time to stop and observe the world around them.


This show is exploring scenes that are familiar, everyday and ordinary yet they evoke a sense of recognition and reflection- touching on shared experience. It is not just an exploration into how we as a species change the landscape but how our surroundings change and shape us.

Featuring: Ali Darke, Jade Gilbert, Katie Rose Martin, Lauren Prosser, Lina Avramidou and Tina Dempsey 

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