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Concerto for Antlerfolk

Friday 4th March 2022

A live art, durational performance by Gruppen (Tim Brennan and Dean Brannagan)


Tim Brennan and Dean Brannagan have been involved in performance art since the mid 1980s both as solo artists and in collaboration. Their fine art informed performances have been presented internationally including AVE Festival Arnhem, National Review of Live Art, ICA, Jan Van Eyck Akademie, Berlin VIP Film Festival, Locus +, Venice Biennale and Interzone Quebec Biennale of Performance. In 2015 they extended their sculptural and ritualised approaches to performance to include sound, music and poetry as the outfit Gruppen (

Concerto for Antlerfolk will involve the artists creating a series of 9 collaborative drawings within public view and set within a ritualised framework. The work refers to the archaeological location of Star Carr in East Yorkshire, an 11,000 year site where Britain’s oldest dwelling was discovered along with over 20 shamanic antler headdresses.

Facsimiles of these magickal devices will be factored into the performance which will also incorporate sonic and rhythmic elements to offer the viewer with a total experience.

Visitors will be able to freely visit and revisit the work over the 3 hour period.

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