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AIR Open 2021

13th August - 25th September 2021

The AIR Open is back and better than every. A fantastic display of local  national and international artworks that show the broad range of contemporary art today!

The exhibition has a mixture of local, national and international artists selected by our judging panel across the fields of video, fine art, drawing, sculpture, textile and mixed media artforms.

Don't forget to vote for your favourite works on show!

Kindly supported by Castlefield Gallery, Saul Hay Gallery and Jackons Art Supplies.

Featuring: Archie Leigh-Jones, Caitlin Binks, Candice Dehvani,  Chris Alton, Christopher Tansey, Duggie Dundas, Evgenia Makarova, Gabriela Pelczarska,Garry Edmiston-Taylor, Gustavo Ferro, Hanna Ten Doornkaat, Irnia Starkova, Jack Ginnno, James Roseveare, Jayne Anita Smith, Mark Houghton, Millie Laing-Tate, Naomi Kendrick, Nicola Bolton, Sam Owen Hull, Shona Davies, Jon Klein, David Monaghan, Sara Hindhaugh, Sarah Connell, Veronika Neukirch and Xander Hoffman


AIR Open Winner: Gustavo Ferro

Castlefield Winner: Candice Dehnavi

Saul Hay Winner: Jayne Anita Smith

Visitors Choice: Naomi Kendrick

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